My most vivid memory of former New Orleans Saints player Kyle Turley is from the time when he yanked an opposing players helmet off his head and threw it down the football field. Obviously, that was a different Kyle Turley than the one who now resides in his home state of California where he is a purveyor of pot.

Yeah, Kyle Turley is selling weed, legally these days. He says he has been using the product for the past few decades and it has helped him cope with a number of issues. One of those issues, Turley believes, could be the coronavirus.

Just to clarify a report from Reuters earlier this month addressed the issue of whether cannabis can impact the coronavirus. Many social media users had made claims that the use of cannabis could in fact kill the virus. The Reuters story did not substantiate those claims.

In fact, the American Lung Association issued a warning to pot smokers that smoking the product can damage the lungs and possibly have the opposite effect of what Turley is suggesting.

Our advice to you on any substance that you're contemplating putting into your body, "check with your personal physician". We also would encourage you to not get medical advice off of social media sites or directly from the Internet. Sometimes that information leaves some very important facts out. Those facts could mean the difference between life and death if you're not careful.

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