A former barista who worked at Starbucks during college decided to come clean about what goes on behind the counter, why they spell your name wrong and what employees really think about their customers.

The former Starbucks employee wrote her tell-all via new.vt.co. She goes into much more detail there, so you'll definitely want to go check that out. I'll just hit you with some of the highlights...

1) Why They Spell Your Name Wrong - It's not because they don't know how to spell. It's simply the fact that they're busy, and getting your order right is more important than getting your name spelled right.  She explains that "when we’re having a busy morning, the last thing we care about is the correct spelling of 'Kate', or 'Cate', or 'Cait'". She also says that they know you don't like giving your name, but "don’t act smug when you think you’ve come up with a genius fake name because we’ve heard them all before".

2) The Worst Kind Of Customer Is... - According to her, the worst kind of customer is the one that parks it all day long. "The guys that order one espresso, sit down with their laptop and stay there for the rest of the day working on their next 'screenplay'".

3) Don’t Assume They're All Failures - She says while she worked at Starbucks she was called stupid, mentally challenged and many other horrible things by customers. "The truth is, like many employees, I was studying at college during my time at Starbucks, and for a little while after I graduated."

4) Your Drink Order Will Determine If They Like You Or Not “'No-Foam' Dave, such a good guy. But what about 'Decaf Soy Latte With An Extra Shot And Cream' Susan?'" Well, I won't repeat what she thinks of Susan, but it's not good.

5) The Disgusting Public - "When you serve hundreds of people a day, there’s a good chance you’re going to stumble across some orders that make you want to vomit. Seriously, those people have TEN pumps of syrup in their coffee may think they’re being unique and trendy, but they’re really just idiots."

6) The Colored Aprons - Have you ever wondered if the different colored aprons mean anything? They do. "The colors of the aprons determine so much more than you might realize. The green apron means you work at Starbucks. The red apron means you work at Starbucks and it’s the holidays. The black apron? Well, this means you’ve dedicated years of your life to studying coffee. We bow down to the black aprons."


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