Former "Who's The Boss" star Danny Pintauro has revealed that he is HIV positive. You probably best remember him as Jonathan on the hit TV show.

Danny is now 39 and made the announcement on Oprah's "Where Are They Now?" on Saturday. He said it's a secret he's kept from the public since he was diagnosed 12 years ago, six years after he was outed by the "National Enquirer" as a gay man.

He said, "It was March of 2003.  I went in for a regular checkup . . . as a responsible gay man, you're getting an HIV test done every six months. And [I] waited two weeks on pins and needles, because I was just terrified of getting HIV."

Although Danny was acting responsibly and got tested, his life was a mess at the time. He was experiencing with meth after a breakup and was pushing his sexual limits by getting into, "that subculture of BDSM and bondage."

He said, "It makes sense that [meth] would go hand in hand with testing your limits, and trying new things, and getting dark and dirty and sexy and all of that."

So "where is he now?" Danny is now the manager of a P.F. Chang's in Las Vegas. He lives with his husband, Wil Tabares. And just for the record, he told Wil he was HIV-positive on their first date.

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