The announcement comes along with the elimination of 37 positions within the Parks and Recreation department in Lafayette.

Mayor-President Josh Guillory released a video announcement as well as a press release that says the decision comes, "After thoughtful and careful review of Lafayette Consolidated Government’s (LCG) 2020-2021 departmental operating budget".

Current budget challenges will leave 6 recreation centers operating in Lafayette. “As we find ourselves in this financial situation, we have two options: manage our people’s money responsibly or raise taxes, and I vehemently oppose raising taxes,” Guillory said in an afternoon video address.

The news also comes from Jim Hummel, anchor for KATC, and he released the information via Twitter @jimhummel

@JimHummel followed up his initial Tweet to detail which centers will be closing

Domingue Recreation Center, Heymann Park Recreation Center, J. Carlton James Activity Center, and George Bowles Activity Center are the centers that are being closed.

You can see the whole video-announcement from Guillory here

Mayor-President Josh Guillory still believes there is opportunity to reopen these recreation centers and that they can sustainably operate.

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