I paid a visit to the nice folks at Beaucoup Cajun Superette on the Atchafalaya River Hwy. today, and they sent me back with a little message for everyone.

You'll find this gem of a place at 1968 Atchafalaya River Hwy. in Breaux Bridge.  From Lafayette take exit 121 (Butte La Rose exit), hang a right and in about one-third of a mile on the right you'll find some nice people who know how to make boudin, boudin dip and so much more.

Dale, his wife Missy and two sons Tyler and Noah (Noah is trouble) want you to stop by and see them when you're at the camp, fishing in the basin or just hangin' out on the levee.  Beaucoup Cajun Superette, open about a year now, has become a local favorite.

Today, I took a short drive over to Beaucoup Cajun Superette to say hello and to try the low carb Keto-friendly boudin and to sample the boudin dip.  Dale presented me with regular boudin and the low carb boudin to see if I could tell the difference.  And although I could in a side by side taste test, no way could I have been able to pick out the low carb boudin had I not had the regular boudin to compare it to.  It's that good.  They used to sell out of their low carb boudin and boudin dip every weekend at the Farmers Market in Lafayette.  That's one of the reasons they opened Beaucoup Cajun Superette.  As for the boudin dip, if you don't like it, bring your uneaten portions to me.  Dale had me try his world-famous boudin dip with corn chips.  So good!  And I got to hold the "Good Luck Pig"!

Holding The Lucky Pig
Staff Photo

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