From the lips of head coach Billy Napier to the hottest t-shirt at Cajun Field!

Louisiana Ragin' Cajuns head coach Billy Napier set the internet ablaze during a recent interview as his team was heading into the locker room for halftime vs. Ohio. The field reporter asked Coach Napier about a gutsy call as time was winding down and with zero hesitation, he responded with internet gold.

Before the Cajuns could even make it back onto the field, #ScaredMoneyDontMakeMoney was trending and Coach Napier's soundbite was an instant classic. Within 24 hours, there was a buzz amongst Cajun Nation as some of the biggest die-hards were making their own tees for fun to celebrate the savage catchphrase.

Tuesday night at Cajun Field, the first 2,000 UL students to enter the game vs. App State will be able to score a free 'Scared Money Don't Make Money' t-shirt thanks to Sneaker Politics and Walk-On's.

scared money dont make money shirt

Sneaker Politics is a high-end sneaker boutique with locations throughout the south in cities like Dallas, New Orleans, and Austin, but store owner Derek Curry is a graduate of UL and chooses to keep the store based out of its original location in Lafayette due to the love he has for his hometown—so when he had an opportunity to give back to the students at his alma mater, it was a no-brainer.

Much like Sneaker Politics, Walk-On's also continues to expand throughout the U.S. but makes it a point to continually invest in the region that helped to build the foundation for the successful restaurant brand that they are today.

Thanks to Politics and Walk-On's, the t-shirts will be free of charge for the first 2,000 Louisiana students that enter Cajun Field when the gates open at 5:30 p.m. with their official school ID. Kickoff is at 6:30 p.m. and Sunbelt rival App State will be coming to town to get revenge for the last time they faced off with the Cajuns and got beat on their own turf.

So show up early, be LOUD, and we'll take care of the red for the first 2,000 students who will definitely get some facetime during the nationally televised game on ESPN.

Remember, "scared money don't make money," so we'll see you at Cajun Field!

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