As we get older, we all miss things. We miss the way things were. We miss people who are no longer here. We miss the simpler times of our youth.

I guess you can say we all love nostalgia. There's something comforting in those things we once loved that are no longer in our lives.

Television shows are no different.

The results of a new survey are out that asked people what shows upset them the most when they came to an end. In other words, which show do you miss the most?

There were 2,000 people surveyed and here are the results.

  1. "Friends" 1994-2004...10 seasons, 236 episodes
  2. "M*A*S*H" 1972-1983...11 seasons, 256 episodes
  3. "Firefly" 2002...1 season, 11 episodes
  4. "Seinfeld" 1989-1998...9 seasons, 180 episodes
  5. "Breaking Bad" 2008-2013...5 seasons, 62 episodes
  6. "The Sopranos" 1999-2007...6 seasons, 86 episodes
  7. "Lost" 2004-2010...6 seasons, 121 episodes
  8. "Parenthood" 2008-2014...6 seasons, 103 episodes
  9. "Sons of Anarchy" 2008--2010...7 seasons, 92 episodes
  10. "How I Met Your Mother" 2005-2014...9 seasons, 208 episodes

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