Taking a photo. It usually requires cooperation of at least two people. The photographer and the subject. I don't mind being the photographer, but I hate to be the subject. I guess the reason I don't care to have my picture made is because once the photo is taken I am required to go back and look at it. I never like what I see. Do I have bad self esteem? Am I just a snob? Perhaps I am downright hard to look at and I know it.

The photographer in this video has come up with a great way to enhance the picture taking process. He never takes the photo, he is rolling video the whole time and the result is hilarious. I can see me doing this prank to my kids from now on.

Why wait for everyone to get their smile ready, their hair fixed and their Hollywood pose positioned just right. Roll the video and capture the action of them getting in to character that is so much more interesting and in this case totally hilarious.

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