That's a picture I took out of the back door of the radio station Saturday morning. It's nothing too spectacular as far as photography goes but it's completely spectacular if you contemplate the view.

That's what I need to write about today, the view. No, not the TV show but my view and maybe your view of the world. Perhaps if you ask yourself the same 10 questions I've started asking myself every day we can, in fact, make this world a better place at least in our own minds.

1.What has got you down?

2. Why is that so important to you?

3.What would happen if you just let it go?

A little backstory on those three questions. I tend to look for the worst instead of the best in everything. I am not a glass half empty guy I am a "who took the darn glass?" kind of guy. I tend to hold on to incidents, issues, conversations, arguments, and just about everything negative that has happened in my world. I tend to relive those moments day after day. I probably shouldn't but I do. So, by asking these three questions,  I get to clear the air, at least for a little bit between my ears.

4.What do I have to look forward to today?

5.What can realistically be done today?

6.Where can I make a difference today?

Once you clear the negative thoughts out of your brain you can replace them with better thoughts. If you really think about it those three questions with a positive mind then you'll find you do have the makings of a day that will leave you very satisfied by the time your head hits the pillow.

7. What fear can I face today?

8.Who can I show appreciation to today?

9.Are your actions really the right thing?

I have a lot of things that "scare" me. I have normal things like spiders, tax forms, telemarketers, and the legislature but there are other real fears that I have to face every day. You probably would have never guessed how much courage I have to build up just to go into a store. Social anxiety is a real thing. Trust me, it's a lot different when you can actually see the people than when you're hidden in a box with a microphone.

10. Why can't I?

That's the one we all need to answer honestly. I know we all have physical and monetary limitations, at least right now. But if you want to run a marathon it's a process. If you want to take a vacation it's a process. You have to want it more than you're willing to accept not having it. That's the toughest question on the list.

So, you've probably figured out I suffer from intense depression and self-esteem issues complicated by an introverted personality. I play the part of an extrovert on the radio, funny isn't it? I also believe in the goodness of people, the kindness of strangers, and the ability of anyone to achieve everything their heart desires.

Are you willing to take life advice from a disc jockey? How about from another person put on the planet with a purpose he hasn't figured out yet either? See we are more the same than we are not the same. Perhaps we both needed to contemplate the view this morning.

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