We are a product of what we repeatedly do, Aristotle the famous Greek philosopher said that a long time before we started spending way too much time on Facebook. So what habit would you like to rid yourself of? Is it smoking? Overeating? Feeling sorry for yourself? These are all things you can change. Believe it or not you can make that change with 9 steps that are easy to follow they only require your desire to follow them. 

With most behavior changes, recognizing the bad behavior is the first step. You can't fight the enemy unless you know who they are right? Take this first step and you're well on your way to being a better you.

I have found that keeping a journal or just a notepad, even the one on your phone is good for jotting down every time you choose to do or desire to do the offending habit. You also need to come up with diversions for yourself so you have a plan of action when your mind wants you to be bad.

Another way to increase your desire to eliminate a bad habit is to reward yourself for each time you catch yourself beginning the wrong behavior. Don't be afraid to catch yourself doing something right and give yourself credit for your small victories.

You didn't gain all that weight in one day, you didn't start by smoking a pack a day, you didn't start by spending 23 straight hours on Facebook, you aren't going to change your habit in one day either.

 Believe in yourself because you are worth it and as long as you want to change you can in spite of what that person in the mirror might be telling you today, you still have a say so in what becomes of your tomorrow.

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