They are in every office, they might even be your friends, they could even be you. I speak of the WHINER, you know that person that always comes with a double dose of drama and problems. So how do you keep the whiner from infecting you and your good mood? Well it's against the law to do what you were just thinking, so instead of blunt force trauma, how about some real world answers.

If left unchecked, whining may spread from one employee to another, like the flu. Unfortunately, washing your hands or receiving a shot will not stop this plague. It is up to you, courageous leader, to manage the whining on your team. The seven tips below will be a great start.

Sometimes just understanding is the best way you can help, other times, packing up your things and leaving is a better solution, regardless there are tips in the link below that might save your sanity.

(via Top 7 Ways to Deal with Whiners.)

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