I love a good practical joke.  Around the radio station we prank each other a lot. I think it helps build unity and teamwork and it keeps all of us on our toes. This is a prank that I wouldn't suggest you try in South Louisiana. There are a couple of reasons why I wouldn't suggest it. The first reason is South Louisiana women do not run away when you are attempting to take their stuff. I have seen elderly women knock grown men to their knees just for Mardi Gras beads so stealing a TV is going to get your butt kicked. Reason number 2, a lot of ladies in South Louisiana carry concealed weapons and they know how to use them.

I guess where ever this video is from the women are weak and the men are just horse's butts because what kind of person  pulls this kind of prank? It's hard to believe a guy that would think of a prank like this would have a girlfriend that is that pretty. I don't blame her if she never allows him in the house again.

So what is the worst prank someone has ever played on you? If you have the video, you know we love to share that kind of thing.

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