Lafayette was treated to five nights of Garth Brooks and Trisha Yearwood for a string of shows Country music fans will never forget. They were here so long, they almost kinda of feel like family now. Well, Garth and Trisha have definitely become family to Raceland newlyweds Jude and Jamie Blanchard. A couple of days ago, Jude Blanchard pulled up to his house to find a bunch of big boxes had been delivered. Yep, those boxes were wedding gifts from Garth and Trisha!

Jude and Jamie Blanchard attended the first night of Garth's five shows, and made a sign that read "Best week ever: Garth this Friday, our wedding next Friday."

Garth noticed the sign and asked the couple what they wanted from their wedding registry because "me and Mrs. Yearwood, we'll get it for you." Jamie, being the quick thinking genius woman that she is, quickly grabbed a wedding invitation from her purse and had it passed up to the stage. Garth than played "To Make You Feel My Love" for them.

This is an amazing story if it were to just stop right here, right? Well it gets better.

This past Wednesday the newlyweds got the surprise of a lifetime when they received a mother-load of gifts from their registry, courtesy of Garth and Trisha.

According to Garth and Trisha sent the Blanchard's two lounge chairs, a KitchenAid mixer, a Rowenta iron, a meat-grinder, a string of industrial patio lights and several other items.

Jude and Jamie Blanchard via Facebook
Jude and Jamie Blanchard via Facebook

HOW INCREDIBLY AMAZING IS THIS?!? Sorry for the all caps but this is unbelievable.

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