There's a good chance you know Gary Dugan from New Iberia. Gary has volunteered his time, equipment, and culinary skills for countless charitable events around Acadiana for years. Now, it's Gary who needs us to help him.

This past Saturday (05/22/21) Gary's "cracklin pot, custom burner, hose, and other tools were all stolen from his home" according to KATC.

Because of this, Gary is concerned he won't be able to help people for quite a while until can eventually get his stolen cooking equipment back.

Gary tells KATC -

I'm not rich or anything to where I can give money, but I can use my equipment and help people cook. That's my way of giving back to the community. It's something you work for and you buy when you have the money. I use those cracklin pots for a lot of benefits and stuff and it's something I can't replace right now.


Gary isn't asking anyone to buy him new equipment, he's only asking for everyone to please keep an eye out for anyone selling what was stolen.

Below is the Facebook post detailing the equipment stolen along with photos.

If you have any information that could help Gary get his equipment back, you can contact him at 337-380-0439 or you can contact him through his Facebook page HERE.


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