I think I noticed the place the very first time I drove through Lafayette some 25 or so years ago. It was right there on Highway 90 and to me, a Missississippi boy, it sure looked like a great place to go experience all things Cajun in the form of a great meal. Yes, I am talking about Gator Cove Restaurant.

My family and I dined their many times and we worked with the good folks at Gator Cove on more than a few special projects for Eat Lafayette. The Voorhies family, the owners of Gator Cove confirmed yesterday in a post on social media that they were stepping away from the iconic restaurant.

The post announced that the family was selling Gator Cove to a Lafayette-based distillery, Wildcat Brothers. They confirmed the announcement on their social media accounts as well.

You might be wondering what comes next for the iconic Cajun food eatery?

Well, we can't say for sure but it sounds as if the Wildcat Brothers have some pretty exciting plans for the property. Based on their social media posts I think it's safe to say they intend on honoring the proud Cajun traditions set forth by Gator Cove but the Wildcat Brothers have some ideas to inject some extra energy and a more modern flair.

Personally, I think "the new Gator Cove" or whatever it will officially be called moving forward will be a great addition to the food and beverage skyline of South Louisiana. I do know from the perspective of both sides it certainly seems to be a win-win situation for all parties concerned.

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