Not really sure how this managed to fly under the radar for 6 days, but let us just say that we are glad that everyone is ok. New Orleans Saints and Pelicans owner Gayle Benson was sitting in her car in the uptown area of New Orleans on Saturday when a man jumped in the vehicle and attempted to car jack it.

NOPD are saying the attempted theft happened on Oct. 10 in the 6200 block of South Claiborne Avenue around 2:15 p.m. They told WWL the perpetrator probably could not see that someone was in the vehicle because of the dark tinted window. When the would be thief entered the car, Mrs Benson reportedly told him to get out, and he did. Police believe the alleged thief, a black man with facial hair, was in a white Nissan Titan that was parked directly next to Mrs Benson's.

NOPD had not officially named Mrs Benson as the victim, but the Saints confirmed it on Friday. Greg Bensel, an official spokesperson with the Saints organization told WWL "While she was very shaken at the time, she was unharmed and is doing fine" He went on to say Mrs Benson "wanted to send her sincere gratitude to the men and women of the New Orleans Police Department that responded so quickly and professionally."

As of today, no arrests have been made, and the investigation is ongoing.



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