As we start a new year, it's always a good idea to evaluate things you've been putting off, but really need to tackle around the house. The proverbial fresh start!

Food Network has some awesome suggestions about what to keep, and what to toss right now in your freezer. Really good advice, especially at my house, where I like to buy things on sale and freeze them. Just remember, nothing lasts forever. And here's to a great 2018, y'all!

  • Ice Cubes that smell - even if you have to ditch the ice cube tray. Do you really want your fabulous New Year's Cosmo drink to taste like fish sticks?
  • Whole Bean Coffee - ground coffee holds up way longer than whole bean when frozen. It's a flavor zapper for sure. And grinding whole frozen beans could cause your grinder to rust.
  • Anything that has freezer burn marks - yes, you can cut that part off, but do you really want to? A big risk for sure, and a red flag for how long it's been in there
  • Anything that's been been thawed and re frozen - bacteria grows quickly, and this is defiantly not safe.
  • Anything you can't identify - just toss it. If it's that unrecognizable, you really don't want to eat it.


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