It's just a bunch of Hocus Pocus.

Let's be real, the Sanderson Sisters know how to party. I mean, who wouldn't want to drink with them? Now you can with this magical Hocus Pocus drinking game.

Oh, and if you don't drink no worries! You can substitute "drink" for anything. I'll probably just eat a slice of pizza every time Winifred says "BooOOook" or pop a candy corn in my mouth every time Sarah acts like a floozy, which is basically the entire movie.

Or, depending how my nights going, I might just sit there with a bag of wine and play along until I'm tipsy enough to think that it's a good idea to stand on my front porch and sing "Come Little Children". **Warning: you are not a Sanderson Sister or any witch for that matter, and that's never a good idea.**

No matter how you choose to play just have fun and stay safe.

Happy Hallo-Wine!

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