Albert Lexie

"If I only had more, I would give more", anybody else guilty of saying or thinking that?

I know I have uttered those words and used that as an excuse not to make the world a better place. One of the great things about the work I get to do is being able to tell stories of people that are so incredibly amazing it's hard to believe we get to share the same planet with them. I want you to meet Albert Lexie.

Albert Lexie began his job as a shoeshine man in Pittsburgh at the age of 15. Albert is now 71 years old. Medically speaking Albert is what many would classify as developmentally disabled. He is also quite shy. He has a better understanding of the human condition than most of us will ever grasp.

Albert has only had one job, shining shoes. He is the kind of guy you might pass in any building in any city in America. Albert just happens to work in Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh.If you ask, he will shine your shoes. He charges $5 for his services. He has donated over $200-Thousand dollars to the hospital. He has done this by donating every penny of his tip money for the past 36 years to the hospital.

That's right the shoeshine guy who makes $5 bucks shining a pair of shoes has donated over $200-Thousand dollars to a place that helps sick children get well. This is his amazing story.

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