The internet is always a fun place to be during big events like the college football national championship game.

No matter if you have no interest in the game, you'll find some amusing things on that there social media.

The best one for a lot of us has to be LSU Tiger fans making fun of the Clemson Tiger mascot.

I mean, just look at this dude.

College Football Playoff Semifinal at the Goodyear Cotton Bowl Classic - Clemson v Notre Dame
Ron Jenkins, Getty Images

The memes were epic as well.

We could do this all day. You get the point.

Last night during the game, someone with the alias "Dion Grossnickle" decided they'd do something to help out the poor little goofy Tiger.

So they started a GoFundMe.

The description reads as follows:

After turning on the national championship game on Monday the 13th I thought bad for The Clemson Tiger. It seems that the University purchased their mascot costume from the clearance rack from TG&Y in 1981. All proceeds will be mailed to the Clemson University Athletic Department at the conclusion of the fundraiser.

The goal was set at $1,000. (Although I'm sure a nice mascot costume cost a bit more than that. But the sentiment was there.)

After being up for less than a half-day, $1,370 was raised. Even in our time of whooping butts, we're still a giving people.

Geaux Tigahs!!!

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