Whataburger has, on occasion, been known to be labeled as a cult classic. Especially if you live in location that doesn't have one of the wildy popular orange and white roofed restaurants. The San Antonio based hamburger chain has three locations in Lafayette, so if you're a fan, consider yourself lucky to have one so close by.

But for people who have a craving for the Whataburger experience without one nearby, good news in on the horizon. For the first time in 20 years, the company has announced they will be franchising locations. James Turcotte, senior vice president of real estate for the company, tells Business Journal that “Franchising allows us to open more stores in more areas and do that faster and efficiently. That is certainly a component of our plan. As we’ve always done, we will continue to open a high number of corporate restaurants.”

The company also confirmed rumors about expanisons in the southeast part of the United States, namely in Tennessee and Kansas City. (I know some people in Nashville who will be very happy about this!) And in another surprise move, plans were unveiled for a new design for the restaurants, which you can see in the Facebook post below. I don't know about you, but I'm ready to run out and get one of those Dr. Pepper shakes right now.



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