Goodwill is the place to bring all of those unwanted clothes that you have no room for in your closet. However, donating a large amount of money with those clothes probably would not be on your list of items. I'm sure this is what Monroe, Michigan Goodwill manager Tyler Gedelian thought when as he was going through donations and came across something he did not expect.

According to Yahoo News, as Gedelian was rummaging through clothes, he happened upon a robe with bands of 100 dollar bills. These bands totaled a whopping $43,000!

Gedelian told Detroit News, "We were getting lots of donations, and as I sorted through it, I saw a blue envelope sticking out of a bathrobe. I took it out, figuring it was garbage." Garbage it was not. He also told Monroe Evening News, "My biggest concern was getting the money back to the rightful owner." Gebelian immediately called the police to locate that owner.

The lesson in all of this: check your clothes before you accidentally send off $43,000 in your bath robe. If you want to read more about the story and hear what the owner had to say when he was contacted about his money, click here!

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