In Louisiana, the food we serve at our Super Bowl parties is just as important as who is playing in the game. And if the Saints aren't in it, then it's a pretty good bet that what's on your table is going to have our full attention on Sunday.

But what is the most searched recipe for the big game? Well, this year, according to Google, it's Buffalo Chicken Dip. And believe it or not, it has been #1 since 2004! Coming in a close second is Seven Layer Dip, followed by Spinach Artichoke Dip, and Buffalo Wings.

If you need some inspiration, you can be the MVP of game day with these awesome Super Bowl recipes. Have fun, y'all, and let us know which ones you try! And if you need a video tutorial on Buffalo Chicken Dip, we've got it below from the folks at Hidden Valley, who know a thing or two about dips.

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