Duct Tape, it truly is a gift from above. As a native son of the South I know the magical powers of Duct Tape. It can fix everything from a trailer skirt to a broken heart and still have plenty of sticking power to hold a cat down while you shave it. Today I learned something new about this miracle product. Did you know Duct Tape is an accepted cure for warts? Not just accepted as a cure by people who drink from Mason Jars but accepted by the medical community.

It seems that Duct Tape therapy for warts actually is more effective than the more commonly used freezing therapy. I'm not  going to tell you how to treat warts with Duct Tape because if you screw something up and lose a finger you will blame me, but you can find the information in the links we have provided. Use this treatment at your own risk and it's probably a good idea to consult your health care professional too.

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