Governor John Bel Edwards would like to speak to us, the citizens of Louisiana concerning our state's ongoing battle against coronavirus. The Governor will take to the state's airwaves and online today at about 2:30. The Governor will address the media and you and me to give an update on how things are going and what's next for our state.

Currently, Louisiana is in Phase 3 of our coronavirus recovery plan. The Governor's current executive order that placed us in Phase 3 is set to expire tomorrow. There has been a push from the state's bar and restaurant industry for the Governor to abolish the current "last call" and closing time of 11 pm in the state's drinking establishments.

Whether that announcement will come today we are not sure. In fact, there is a very good chance that Governor Edwards will keep things just the way they are for at least another couple of weeks. He has already gone on record as saying the state's mask mandates will "not be lifted anytime soon". The Governor made those remarks when he moved the state into Phase 3 weeks ago.

However, the state is making progress in vaccination efforts with over 1.8 million of the state's residents having taken at least one dose of vaccine. In the Acadiana area, almost 13% of the adult population has gotten at least one jab of medicine in the fight against coronavirus.

The Governor is also expected to discuss the Bring Back Louisiana Program which is an initiative spearheaded by his office to raise vaccination awareness throughout the state. The program is currently searching for volunteers to aid in vaccination events and to help get the word out that the current vaccines are safe and effective.

This virus has certainly presented ample opportunities for misinformation and myth. Hopefully, some of those misconceptions are being cleared up or will be cleared up by the Governor's visit with us today. But you know, Louisiana is a state that's got a reputation built on myth and misconception. Don't believe me? Check these out.

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