The Taylor Opportunity Program for Students, better known as TOPS, has come under the budget knife for the past few years. Obviously, the politicians heard the outcry from the constituency and have decided that TOPS needs to be reinstated in full. Their plan? Make the requirements to obtain TOPS funding a little tougher.

Y'all get ready for the Earth to open and swallow me whole. I agree with this plan.

The current TOPS requirements are to maintain what amounts to a "C" average. Average is the key word. A bill that passed the full house yesterday would bump that grade point average up from a "C"(2.5 GPA) to what amounts to a "C+"(2.75 GPA). Believe it or not, there are legislators who oppose that "major" bump in grade requirements.


Their reason for opposing the GPA increase? It will cut out opportunities for the "poor" kids. When did having money or not having money have anything to do with intelligence and effort?

These changes in the TOPS program won't take place for another four years. This will give students entering the 9th grade next year the opportunity to ramp up their grades from average to slightly above average. Basically, get two more answers correct on every test and boom college is paid for.

I want every kid that wants to succeed at going to college to go. I don't want to pay for hazing and hook ups. Call me selfish.The legislation will now move to the Senate for debate in the chamber.

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