The 2020 NFL Draft is around the corner as teams will be selecting a new crop of talent on April 23-25.

With the coronavirus pandemic, things will be quite different this year. Instead of players walking on stage to get awkwardly man-hugged by Commissioner Roger Goodell, they'll likely just get a Zoom video call from their new teams.

Of course, most fans in our area will be looking forward to seeing what the New Orleans Saints will be doing with their five picks.

A couple of trades are the reason why the Black & Gold are missing second and seventh-round picks.

And that brings me to the question that most of us have nearly stopped asking: "Will the team trade up this year?"

The answer has been an emphatic yes for quite a few years now. Actually, the team has traded up in every draft since 2012. (That was the year the team was without a first-round pick from the Mark Ingram trade and then stripped of a second-rounder for Bountygate.)

I thought it would be fun to look back at some of these recent "trade-ups" and see if the player that the team obviously coveted at that spot was worth the investment in assets.

So, here you go, my analysis and grades for the times the Saints traded up in the last five years worth of drafts.

Grading the Last Five Years of Saints Trading Up in the Draft

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