We used to call it the Horse Farm, but now the beautiful green space at 2913 Johnston Street is called Moncus Park.

The park's massive transformation continues, and at some point in 2020, there will be a grand opening for Moncus Park according to their Facebook page.

I remember fondly always seeing the farm when I was a kid on my way to school. Whether I was on the bus, or in the car with my family, we always passed by the farm.

I used to love to go down Johnston Street because usually there were kids that were waiting outside of the farm to catch the bus to go to school.

This park will offer everyone a true haven in the heart of our city where they can go to enjoy music, the green space, the activities and all of the other things that the park will have to offer.

The first phase of construction is starting to wrap up, and then in 2020, there will be a grand opening.

The spring is when the event is scheduled to happen as of now, and according to their Facebook page, officials say all new information will be disseminated there.

What a wonderful park we will have right in the heart of the Hub City.

I can't wait to see all the new developments and the different phases of the park as they come to fruition.

People, can of course, already enjoy all that Moncus Park has to offer as there is a Farmer's Market each Saturday.


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