You've seen the videos of the guys dressed in white running through the streets of Pamplona Spain haven't you? You know the reason they are running right? They are being chased by a herd of agitated bulls. In Spain it's a tradition. In America it would be similar to a rodeo but we wouldn't running from the bulls we would be riding them.

If you've ever wanted to prove your manhood, show off your bravado and have an excellent chance at permanent injury then you are in luck. Organizers of the Great American Bull Run are bringing an event similar to Pamplona's running of the bulls to these United States.

Since we don't have too many ancient towns with streets barely the size of sidewalks we will have to create our own bull running venues. The first event is scheduled for a drag strip outside of Richmond Virginia. Then a later event will be held in Atlanta with several others planned through out the  year.

Maybe this could be an event we could do out at our new Horse Farm Park on Johnston street! We could put the bulls and the runners in the coulee that runs through the property and spectators and emergency medical personnel could sit on the banks  to cheer and collect bodies. I think it would be a great way to bring an international flair and tourism dollars to the area.