Football season is in full swing. College teams started a couple of weeks ago. The pros are in action and the lights are bright on Friday nights for the high schoolers.

The last of the three is one of our favorites. There's nothing better than supporting your alma mater or your hometown's football team on a Friday night. The nostalgia runs deep and there's something special about those few hours.

High school football is more than just the athletes. It's about the fans, the cheerleaders, the dance team, and the band.

I came across a video from a friend over the weekend that was too good not to share. It's the Gueydan High School Marching Band playing something you won't usually hear at a high school football game.

This is about the most south Louisiana and Cajun a high school band can get. They covered the Cookie and the Cupcakes classic "Mathilda!"

Now that's just awesome! Check it out for yourself. And kudos to band director Brock Meaux for teaching these kids such a regional classic!


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