If you're a smoker and you love visiting Gulf Shores Alabama you might want to keep those cigarettes in the condo. If you weren't aware, the city of Gulf Shores has a ban on smoking at their public beaches. While the city was the first in Alabama to enact such a ban, eliminating smoking from public beaches is currently riding a popular wave across the nation.

This month, public beaches in New Jersey will go no smoking and according to reports officials in beach communities across the nation are watching closely to see what the reaction will be.

Legislators in Florida are considering a measure that would also ban smoking on Florida Beaches. That legislation will be up for debate in the upcoming session of the Florida Legislature.

As of now, violators of the Gulf Shores ban are subject only to a fine. Sources close to the ban say it isn't being rigorously enforced either, but all of that is subject to change as lawmakers and public officials weigh the pros and cons.


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