Criminals will do all kinds of things to hide the evidence. In Mississippi, apparently, concealing a gun in a quesadilla is a thing.

Officers in Picayune stopped a vehicle on Friday around 12:38 pm for a traffic violation. It was during that stop they made a surprising discovery inside a Taco Bell quesadilla.

Police say during the traffic stop, the passenger hid a handgun inside a folded quesadilla in a Taco Bell bag.

Officers then carried out a probable cause search of the vehicle and found all kinds of drugs and paraphernalia.

The passenger, Devin P. Mitchell, was taken into custody and charged with the following:

  • possession of a controlled substance with intent to distribute while in possession of a firearm
  • possession of a controlled substance
  • tampering with physical evidence
  • possession of a weapon by a felon
  • possession of paraphernalia

The driver of the vehicle, Olivia Neff, was given a citation for disregarding a traffic device but was released at the scene.

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