The classroom is supposed to a be safe place. A haven safe from distraction and disruption where children can be free and open their minds to learning new things. All to often the quiet of the classroom is being disrupted by violence. Sometimes it is classmate against classmate. Sometimes the violence involves students and teachers. It is when the violence involves deadly force that the quiet rumbling turns into a nationwide outcry.

It has been said that one of the reasons attacks with deadly force on schools often end with tragic results is the knowledge that school officials are unarmed and unable to defend themselves and students against attackers. One Louisiana Legislator, Ray Garofola of Chalmette believes that needs to change.

Representative Garofola has proposed legislation to be considered in the current session that would allow Louisiana principals and educators to arm themselves in the classroom.

"We have to do something to show the criminals and the crazies that we are taking action and they may meet some resistance if they go onto those campuses,"

Garofola made these remarks in a report filed by the Louisiana Radio Network. In that report Garofola suggested that the adoption of this legislation would be a deterrent to those who might think of doing harm to others on a school campus. It is his belief that the knowledge of resistance to any attack would keep those who wish to do harm away from innocent children.

Garofola's proposed bill has not been scheduled for hearing at this time but he does anticipate a hearing date will be set in the very near future.