Gyth Rigdon may have ended up in second place on season 16 of The Voice, but the singer has a deservedly bright outlook on his future to come...and he's got some friends in high places in his corner!

"What a ride! WE came to @nbcthevoice months ago, with one goal, to turn a chair. Not in a million years could I have ever dreamed that WE would’ve made it all the way to the #VoiceFinale. I’ve had the incredible opportunity to work with some amazingly talented people along the way and I couldn’t be more grateful," Rigdon noted on Instagram, thanking everyone by name from his coach Blake Shelton, to his fanbase, to the contestant he ultimately lost to (Maelyn Jarmon).

His gratitude didn't go unnoticed, as a famous fan from his home state of Louisiana commented on the post. "Good job dude!" exclaimed no less than our current American Idol, Laine Hardy, who took home his own award just a day before on Sunday night (May 19).

Rigdon shared parallels with Hardy in that he managed to win a dedicated following that guided him all the way to the Top 2 on the show, having charmed the Voice audience with covers such as Lee Greenwood's revered anthem "God Bless the U.S.A." and a very touching rendition of Earl Thomas Conley's "Once in a Blue Moon." However, he faced challenges that Hardy did not. He was in direct competition with his own team members—Andrew Sevener and Dexter Roberts, who are both also country singers. Ultimately the crown went to Team John Legend and Jarmon, the sole female in the Top 4.

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