Mother Nature's sound and light show has made for a very wet, windy, and noisy Sunday morning. A thunderstorm complex formed shortly before sunrise in Southwest Louisiana and intensified rapidly.

The video above was recorded just off West Congress Street in Lafayette just before 9 AM Sunday, April 2.  As you can see the hailstones were really wreaking havoc on the surface of the pool. You can also see the stones bouncing across the concrete.

Forecasters with the National Weather Service in Lake Charles are suggesting that this will be the kind of weather we will be experiencing throughout the remainder of the day. There will be periods of time when it won't be raining. There will also be times of very heavy rain and thunderstorms.

You might want to sneak a peak at the current radar scan before you leave the house. You will also want to keep your radio close just in case there are more watches or warnings issued.



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