Meet Harriet, the internet's latest Irish 'singing' sensation.

Harriet isn't a contestant on 'The Voice' or some small-town crooner getting their big break on 'Ellen.' Harriet is a donkey.

Martin Stanton says he been visiting Harriet regularly for over a year and decided to post a video of her 'singing' to Facebook last week.

She lives about 20 minutes away from me in Toureen, Connemara. I know the family who own her and I bring carrots, bread and ginger nut biscuits. She never hew-haws like other donkeys.

Stanton says Harriet is "adorable, friendly, and gentle," which is why he pays her regular visits. He thought the video of Harriet was funny, so he posted it to share a laugh with friends, but had no idea it would go viral.

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