One of the best parts of Christmas these days is seeing all of the videos on social media of families enjoying the holidays. There are videos of kids opening presents, pictures with Santa Claus, and even the occasional engagement announcement.

However, as of late, when I open up TikTok, all I am seeing are videos of the Grinch. Is this a new thing? Is 2022 the year of the Grinch all of a sudden?

Listen, I'm not opposed to some good Grinch shenanigans, but it seemed to be a little much. So I looked into it and realized that Universal Studios on Florida now has a Grinch experience. This is where most of the videos are coming from because visitors get to actually meet and interact with him.

Have you seen these videos yet? If not, prepare yourself. These videos are just great.

I've never had the privilege of visiting Universal Studios, but I would gladly make the trip just for this experience.

To the man playing the role of the Grinch, you sir deserve a raise and a standing ovation. He plays the character so well, and I know that the families who get to visit leave with smiles on their faces.

Safe to say that I don't mind my TikTok For You feed being loaded down with Grinch videos.

Are you a Grinch fan? Have you had the chance to visit this Universal Studios experience?

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