Every year there is a new hot toy that parents will literally climb over other parents to get. This year's toy of desire appears to be a creature called a Hatchimal. A Hatchimal is basically a giant egg with another toy inside. The lure of this toy is the anticipation of waiting for the Hatchimal to hatch.

From what I can deduce, that's about it. Once the creature hatches it becomes just another toy. I am sure there are those who would disagree with my opinion on that but it's the way I see it. As I said, my kids are older and I have countless thousands of dollars in "must have gifts" that have been donated to charitable organizations over the years.

What makes a toy the hottest toy of the year? I wish I knew that. I remember the Cabbage Patch Kids riots of `983. There was the rush to get a Sony Wii, there were Furbys and Teddy Ruxpins and Tickle Me Elmos too.

It's funny how the rush to get and to have these toys faded once Christmas was over. The desire to play with these toys also diminished after a few days too. What doesn't diminish is the wonderful feeling that parents get when they are able to fulfill the wishes of their children.

I know a lot of Moms and Dads that are staying on hold with Santa's Workshop hoping that the elves will have enough time to create a Hatchimal for their children. I remember one time we had to contact Santa while he was en route to Japan to ask for some help with Yugioh cards. I guess it's just the magic of the season that Santa is able to help parents make those Christmas dreams come true.

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