The past couple of days, friends of mine have been texting me pictures of these strange but really cool looking mini monster truck-type things they've been seeing around Lafayette and Kaplan.

As you see in the pictures, they have huge wheels on them and have kind of a tank look going on. On the side of them, I noticed the word "SHERP". With a quick little Google search I figured out what they are...and I want one bad.

What people have been seeing is the SHERP All-Terrain Vehicles. The name SHERP comes from Sherpa, the major ethnic group of the Himalayas. On the SHERP ATV Facebook page, the company explains Sherpas are known "for their endurance at high altitudes and general reliability under rough conditions."

Courtesy of Clet Reaux
Courtesy of Clet Reaux

The SHERP ATVs are commonly used by geologists, oilfield workers, and outdoorsmen. Maybe the reason they've recently been spotted around Acadiana is oilfield related.

I'll have to save my lunch money for quite a while if I want one because they have a starting price of about $119,000.

According to, the closest SHERP dealer is in Arkansas.

You can learn more about the SHERP ATVs over on their Facebook page or


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