On Monday almost 800 workers at Lafayette's University Hospital and Clinics received what is known as a WARN letter. WARN letters are mandatory according to the Worker Adjustment and Retraining Notification Act of 1988. The act basically says that an employer must provide at least 60 days notice before a massive layoff or plant closing.

As ominous as that sounds if you can believe the assessment of Jay Dardenne, Louisiana's Commissioner of Administration, that could be the small tip of the iceberg when it comes to healthcare layoffs throughout the state's healthcare and hospital system.

The issue all stems from Louisiana's inability to become fiscally responsible. You can blame whoever you want to blame. The bottom line is that the almost 800 jobs in Lafayette could be gone accompanied by another 2,400 jobs in Baton Rouge, New Orleans, and other state-funded clinics.

Basically what is going on is this, your, I should say our, healthcare is being held hostage because of politics. Governor Edwards wants it his way. The legislators who disagree with him want it their way. You and I, nobody really cares what we want.

Here's the reality. No Louisiana politician is going to allow thousands of jobs to go away. There will be a compromise and there will be cuts in healthcare services and other state-funded services too. The legislators and the Governor will then begin the process of patting themselves on the back proclaiming the amazing job they have done saving the state.

I for one hope they can solve the budget crisis and fund healthcare because the thought of these clowns thinking they are making our state better are making me sick.

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