We experienced it after the flooding in 2016 and we're about to experience it again after this recent 10 day stretch of rain every day. The extra standing water in ditches, coulees, and backyard puddles will most likely mean an increase in the mosquito population in the coming weeks.

Mosquitoes need standing stagnant water in which to lay their eggs. That's where the eggs hatch, turn to larvae and then become the regular unwanted summertime guest around Louisiana.

While most of us can't do much about coulees and ditches, we can take care of our own backyard. Experts suggest that you take a tour of your yard and look for places where water could be standing. This includes flower pots, children's toys, sandboxes, or other items you may have stored in that back corner of the yard that really needs to be cleaned out.

Even a small amount of water is enough water for mosquitoes to breed. As you know mosquitoes are known carriers of a lot of bad things. There is West Nile Virus, encephalitis, and the most recent headline grabber, the Zika Virus.

Doing your part around your yard and business over the next few days of dry weather could have a larger impact than you might think on keeping those pesky mosquitoes away from your home and your family.

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