Last night I made tuna casserole for supper. Normally "cat food casserole" is a big hit at our house. Last night the critics that live in my home were not kind. I used the wrong kind of cheese and I did not have the proper cheese to pasta ratio in the dish. I hate being yelled at and disrespected in the kitchen. Other people seem to enjoy it, in fact, they thrive on it. That' what TV's Hell's Kitchen seems to be about.

Chef Gordon Ramsay who's only claim to fame that I am aware of is that he is an ass-hat to work for is the host of Hell's Kitchen. Obviously people enjoy being berated so much that they are willing to audition for the chance to be humiliated in front of a nationwide TV audience. If you're an up and coming chef and think the experience of losing your self-esteem in front of the country would be good for your career or just good ol' fashioned fun then you're in luck.

Producers of Hell's Kitchen have announced a casting call for New Orleans and the surrounding area for August 11. The casting call will take place from 11a-4pm at Bourbon Heat Nightclub. That club is located at 711 Bourbon Street in New Orleans. You can show up in person or apply online.

The online site should have all the answers to any questions you might have. If you get picked let us know so we can watch you cook and get yelled at by a man who never seems to have a good day.

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