Fourth of July and New Years Eve are two holidays plenty of dogs probably despise. According to 20% of dogs suffer from noise phobias, and the booming and banging from holiday fireworks scares the living daylight out of them. I know because my dog is afraid of thunder and fireworks. Luckily, there's still some time before the Fourth of July to take helpful precautions into action.

When our family dog hears loud thunder or fireworks she trembles at our feet and follows us all over the house. Even though her fear and anxiety is kind of cute, I still feel bad for her. Some dogs may even tend to lash out and become destructive or aggressive when they are under the stress and nervousness from loud noises.

If your dog is one of the 20% that hides under the bed, barks, whimpers, or becomes destructive when hearing loud noises, pay attention. If you are having a Fourth of July party, find a quiet, secure place for your dog to hang out in. Keep chew toys nearby just in case they start to become destructive. Keeping curtains or blinds closed will also help because the bright lights of the fireworks worries the dog as well. You could also drown out the noise by turning on the radio or TV.

Never leave your pet(s) outside during a firework show. Imagine if someone left you outside during a thunderstorm- that is similar to how your pet feels. Also, try not to cuddle and comfort your dog so much because it really does not help. Instead, try to distract the dog by playing with a toy. Above all, remain confident and calm so your pet knows everything will be ok.





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