If you are like me, and have to go get a teenager to translate some of the stuff on the internet, you're not alone. And I will be the first to admit that some of the new slang terms are confusing, to say the least. Now that I sound like the oldest person in the room, let me clue you in on a fascinating and helpful website I just found, Internetslang.com. Not only do they completely translate abbreviations for you, they also are up to date on the newest and latest slang terms being used. I'll give you the most recent ones below. Hope this helps!

  • DBA - Don't Bother Asking
  • QAP - Quickly As Possible
  • VBD - Very Big Deal
  • FHO - Friends Hanging Out
  • INCYDK - In Case You Didn't Know
  • 403 - Deny Access To
  • SNH - Sarcasm Noted Here
  • YSVW - You're So Very Welcome
  • L8TR - Later
  • GRX - Gracias, Merci
  • ULM - You Love Me
  • YGTI - You Get The Idea
  • TLTR - Too Long To Read

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