This Thursday night, the Saints finally get a chance to play the Atlanta Falcons. This is a rivalry that gets fans of both teams crawling out of the woodwork to talk trash. It's extra special for Saints fans because this is the first time we've really gotten a chance to rub the Falcons' epic Superbowl meltdown in their loser wanna-be faces. This video might be the absolute best way to troll Atlanta this week to remind them how much we hate them.

As you'll see in this twitter video, the local Atlanta Fox affiliate was all set to go at Dick's Sporting Goods to cover the mad rush of Atlanta Superbowl merchandise, when they wound up covering some different kind of news.

Instead, they wound up with a story of sadness, tears and disappointment. You can see the reporter is in disbelief that Atlanta actually blew a 28 to 3 lead.

Hey Atlanta, you suck. Well, if I'm being honest with myself, you're actually pretty good, but you still suck.

As a Saints fan, I would give anything to have one of these shirts. It would be the ultimate in Falcons trolling.


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