NFL football was back in full swing yesterday with the first full slate of Sunday games. With the NFL coming back, it brings a few guarantees with it such as crazy performances, nail-biters, and amazing finishes. There is another element that comes along with the NFL’s return, and that is intense fan bases.

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This was on full display Sunday in Atlanta as the Falcons hosted the Saints for the week one matchup between the two division rivals. Not only is there hostility and bad blood between the two teams, but the fan bases as well. Things got a little crazy between Falcon fans and Saints nation after the game to say least.

Everyone in the stadium had their emotions running high after an incredible Saints fourth-quarter comeback to beat the Falcons. A couple of videos are trending on Twitter that show Saints fans completely taking over Mercedez Benz Stadium after the victory.

This is what I love to see as a Saints fan and it makes me proud to be a part of Who Dat nation. You know Saints fans took to Twitter to react to the crazy scene.

Some fans even responded with some videos of their own.

Things got intense between the two fan bases after this. Another video has started the trend on Twitter as well, but this shows fans getting chippy. Fans are seen getting into a pretty intense scuffle after the game.

This was one of several fights that broke out in Atlanta yesterday after the game. Once again, you know that the Twitter comment section sparked some interesting replies to the video.

As I said, NFL football is back and so are the passionate/crazy fan bases that come with it.

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