When it comes to earning a living, have you ever wondered where your earnings place you in Louisiana? How much does it take to land in the top 1% income-wise in Louisiana? Here's what USA Today has found out...

Now, what you'll clearly notice in this study from usatoday.com is that there is a huge gap in earnings when it comes to the bottom and top average income earnings in Louisiana. Not a real shocker there. However, it's the same way in every State.

States with the wealthiest one-percenters are generally the same states with the greatest income inequality, or gaps in wealth. But, those States also tend to have higher educational attainment rates.

The study found that for the most part, household income for the middle class in America has basically come to a screeching halt, while income for the top 1% has skyrocketed, as well as the earning potential for the top 1%.

Below is what USA Today's study found out about income earnings in Louisiana. For more on the study and to see how other States fared, head over to usatoday.com.

• Top 1 percent earn at least: $318,393
• Avg. income of top 1 percent: $814,386
• Avg. income of bottom 99 percent: $45,060
• Adults with a bachelor's degree: 23.4 percent



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