Here at 97.3 The Dawg we get to meet a lot of talented people. Almost every week one of the many record labels out of Nashville will honor us with a visit from a talented performer that they, the label, believes is destined for stardom. We have seen a lot of people come through our front door, sit down on a stool, play their music, and then move on. Some of them become quite famous. Others, seem to just fade away. Why is that?

I believe the music industry is a lot like the gambling industry. It helps if you're good at the game but to be truthful, you have to be lucky, very lucky. I would say of every 10 performers we see come through the building for our Live in the Lobby Series, only one of those 10 will go on to a bona fide career in the national spotlight.

So even if you have talent and charisma and great looks why is it so hard to break through in Country Music? I think it comes down to  some intangible things. It's like the Universe is against you becoming a star. Here are my top 10 reasons why some talented people won't make it in country music.

1. You think "Steel Guitar" is an action not an instrument.

2.You can't find any good words that rhyme with Pinot Noir.

3, Your arrest record only shows the Jail and Bail for MDA.

4.Your jeans are only skin tight because you are fat.

5. You have breasts like Dolly Parton, but you're a guy.

6. You know how to tie a bow tie.

7.You think Bartles&Jaymes are two wild and crazy guys.

8. You've never had to rotate the tires on your home.

9. Your saddest song is about Dr. McDreamy being killed off on Grey's Anatomy.

10. You're Kid Rock.

Maybe I have over simplified the process of becoming a country music star. All I know is there are some very talented people who deserve to have their music heard. So if you come across an artist at a fair or festival or you see someone live out of town, let us know about them. We want to give everyone a realistic chance to make their dream come true.


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