Was it the Army that had the slogan, "The Toughest Job You'll Ever Love" or was it the Peace Corps? I know the irony writes itself doesn' t it? I think the toughest job anyone will ever love is that of being a parent. It gets tougher when the kids hit those magic years known as teens. I have two at my house, most of the time they are great kids, great students and wonderful people then comes the time when they are awake. One Tampa Florida mom found a unique way to help her son understand the importance of education, something teens don't always pick up on their own.

They've offered help, asked to see homework, grounded, lectured him and confiscated his cell phone. James Mond III's indifference at a school meeting last week was the final straw. The next day, Holder made the sign and made her son wear it for nearly four hours.

So what do you think? Did Mom go too far? Or do you think she is doing what she has to do to snap that young man into the reality that is about to slap him in the face when he gets out of school?

(via Tampa mom makes son wear sign announcing 1.22 GPA - Yahoo! News.)