Hurricane Delta will be a player in Louisiana's weather this weekend. Just how big a player will depend on two things. Where the storm system eventually makes landfall and just how far away from that landfall you happen to be. As of now, Acadiana still remains in the storm's cone of uncertainty for Friday.

Therefore several high schools in the area have opted to move Friday night football games to Thursday night. This should assure coaches, teams, parents, and schools that the games can be played in a weather-safe environment.

KATC television is reporting that three big games involving Lafayette Parish Schools have been reset for a Thursday night kick-off. Those games include Acadiana High Schools game against Sulphur, the Lafayette High versus Comeaux High School game, and the Southside High versus Carencro matchups have all been moved to a 7 pm kickoff time on Thursday night.

It is quite possible other schools could be making the move to a Thursday night kickoff as well as we learn more about when and where Hurricane Delta might go. Meanwhile, if you'd like to take a look at the remainder of the Friday night schedule you may do so here. Just remember, many of those games, especially in southeastern Louisiana will likely be moved, postponed, or cancelled altogether.

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